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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Dallas, TX

The Latest Technology for the Best Service


Technology makes all the difference in dentistry; the instruments that we use today allow for far more effective and efficient treatments than what dentists could offer even just a few decades ago. Dr. Brumbaugh is a firm believer in keeping his training up to date so that he can constantly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of dental technology. Read below to learn about some of the advanced services we can use to treat and enhance your smile when you call us for an appointment.

How Dental Technology Makes Our Dentistry Better

  • Extremely Accurate Diagnoses
  • Painless Laser Treatments
  • Enhanced Comfort

Laser Dentistry

Animated laser dentistry treatment procedure

Traditional metal instruments still have their place in modern dentistry, but we’ve found that many procedures can be completed much more quickly and safely with the use of laser dentistry. This approach is especially popular among patients with dental anxieties since it is quieter, causes little to no pain (to the point where there’s often no need to numb your mouth beforehand), and cauterizes exposed blood vessels in order to limit the amount of bleeding that occurs.

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Intraoral Camera

Modern intraoral camera tool

Have you ever wished you had a clearer idea of what your dentist was talking about? It can be difficult to picture what is going on inside your mouth without a clear visual. That is where intraoral cameras come in. These devices are connected to digital monitors so that when we place them inside your mouth, you can take a detailed look at your teeth as well as signs of tooth decay or other oral health problems.

Digital X-Rays

Panoramic digital dental x-rays

Using X-rays to examine the spaces between and below the teeth is nothing new for dentists, of course, but nowadays digital X-rays such as Dexis are vastly preferred over traditional radiography. For one, the quality of the images is much better, and we don’t need to lose any unnecessary time developing them with chemicals that could potentially harm the environment. They are also far safer as they expose the patient to a significantly lower dose of radiation.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam scanner tool

A flat panoramic X-ray doesn’t always give us all of the information necessary to plan specific dental procedures. In those cases, we’ll us a CT/cone beam scanner instead. This device takes up to 200 images of the inside of your mouth at multiple angles, resulting in a comprehensive 3D image that gives us valuable information about dental structures, underlying nerve paths, and other variables that need to be taken into account during the treatment.

Digital Impression System

Digital impressions on chairside computer

Having an impression taken for a dental crown or another restoration can be an uncomfortable and inconvenient process. Thanks to our CEREC Primescan digital impression system, however, there’s no longer any need to deal with messy dental putty that could easily end up giving an inaccurate impression. Now we can simply create a high-quality, extremely precise image that can be processed quickly. With scans like this, your chances of receiving a crown that fits perfectly the first time are much greater.

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