Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Teeth Cleanings and Dental Exams

Studies have shown a connection between a healthy mouth and overall health. Regular cleanings are able to help keep your mouth and the rest of your body disease free.

Plaque is the sticky, colorless deposit of bacteria that is constantly forming on the tooth surface. Saliva, food and fluids combine to produce these deposits that collect on teeth and where your teeth and gums meet. The buildup of plaque can trap stains and produce acids on/around the teeth, and is also the primary contributing factor in gum disease. Fighting plaque is a life-long part of good oral care.

Tartar, also called calculus, is plaque that has calcified. This material creates a strong bond to the teeth which can only be removed by a dental professional.

Plaque and calculus both teaming with bacteria are seen by our immune system as “foreign” and mount an appropriate response, which includes: increased bleeding, inflamed gums and bone loss.

Individuals vary greatly in their susceptibility to plaque and tartar. For many of us, these deposits build up faster as we age. Schedule your dental cleaning with our office, so we may guide you in preventative measures in keeping a beautiful smile and good health.

Our hygiene department provides both a standard hygiene and a periodontal program. In the past, if you saw your dentist twice a year for cleanings, and now are being told you have periodontal issues and need to be seen more frequently, you may be wondering why?  Because we know more now- we know 90% of the population has some degree of gingivitis or periodontitis, and only 7% are being treated. We know gum disease causes 70% of permanent tooth loss, and that regular hygiene care can help in the prevention of such incidences.

We have developed more sophisticated means of diagnosing the disease/s early on, when symptoms may be faint and painless. For some people, periodontal problems can flare up in a matter of weeks. In light of this, six months between periodontal assessments can be very concerning. Our goal is to monitor each patient’s oral health before any significant disease/s can take hold; because gum disease, once underway, is incurable but treatable.