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Root Canal Therapy – Dallas, TX

Don’t Be Afraid of Treating Your Toothache


There is a serious misconception about root canal therapy. Many patients believe it’s an especially painful procedure, but in fact, the end result is typically relief. If you have a toothache caused by a severe infection, Dr. Brumbaugh can stop the pain and save the tooth by removing the diseased tissue through root canal therapy in Dallas, TX. With our sedation options and our caring staff members, you can rest assured that your smile is in good hands. Has your toothache become severe or lasted more than a couple of days? Call us for an appointment so that we can determine whether root canal therapy is necessary.

Why Choose R. David Brumbaugh, DDS for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Dentist Skilled in IV Sedation
  • Smaller Dental Office That Provides Personalized Care
  • Our Staff is Here to Help You Relax

Why is root canal therapy needed?

Hand holding a model of a healthy tooth after root canal therapy

Root canal treatment is required when bacteria invade the nerve and vascular tissue deep in the tooth, either from a deep “cavity” or from physical damage such as a fracture.

What is root canal therapy?

Animated root canal therapy treatment

A small hole is created in the tooth. The pulp – the tissue inside the tooth filled with nerve endings and blood vessels – is removed along with other infectious debris. We’ll thoroughly clean the inside of the root to make sure there’s no risk of bacteria causing further infection. Sometimes root canal therapy requires more than one appointment depending on the shape of the canals and how severe the infection is. After the inside of the tooth is completely clean, we can fill it with a natural substance and seal it.

It needs to be emphasized that root canal therapy is not as physically arduous as many people believe. Your mouth will be numbed as it would be for other procedures, so the discomfort won’t be any worse than what you’d experience when getting a filling. Furthermore, root canal therapy is a far more economical option than having the tooth extracted; by saving the tooth, you won’t have to pay for a dental bridge, implant, or partial denture later.

Protecting Your Teeth After Endodontic Treatment

Animated tooth after root canal treatment

Teeth that have received endodontic treatment often times require a crown to stabilize the tooth and maximize its longevity.

Learn More About Dental Crowns

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