veneersVeneers can solve myriad cosmetic problems. They can cover discolored teeth, mend chips, lengthen teeth, and hide spaces between teeth.

Our first step in placing your new veneers will be to evaluate the best shape and contour for you. Depending on your dental situation, we may decide to prepare the tooth to “receive” the veneer. During this first appointment, we will also make an impression of your teeth to send to the lab.

We have found that porcelain veneers deliver the best results because of their strength, resistance to discoloration, biocompatibility and fit. The lab uses our impression to cast a model upon which they will construct the porcelain veneers. To maximize strength, we make sure that our veneers are built to cover the incisal (biting) edge of the tooth and the gingival edge to fit beneath the gum line and polished to ensure your comfort.

During the second visit, we will match the new veneers to your teeth for color and shape, making sure that everything is just right. Then we will chemically clean and etch your front teeth, attach the veneer(s) with a special adhesive and cure the bond with a special light. Finally, we will check the fit and polish your new veneers.

At first you might notice the sensation of your teeth feeling a bit thicker, but this impression will soon pass. What everyone else will notice is your beautiful new smile.